Billions of dollars in federal funding are at stake for Illinois in the 2020 Census. Schools can play a critical role in ensuring every Illinois resident is counted.

Here’s how your school can host a Census Night, where families can complete the census online with assistance from school staff.

  • Pick a date and time that works for your community during the online self-response period March 12 – April 27. Completing the census online means census-takers do not have to come to residents’ doors.
  • Pick a location with sufficient internet connectivity. The census is mobile-friendly and can be completed on a personal phone or tablet, but you may want to have additional devices available.  Children under age 5 are a historically undercounted population, so consider hosting the Census Night at or in partnership with an early learning provider.
  • Educate staff on the census. Make sure your staff know the answers to frequently asked questions. The census form is available in many languages, but consider asking any multilingual staff to assist at the Census Night.
  • Let your community know. Distribute flyers, send a press release, post on social media, and tell your students about Census Night. Consider reaching out to churches and neighborhood organizations.
  • Host your Census Night! Completing the census says, “I’m here. I count. I matter.” All census information is safe, secure, and anonymous.

Download the informational flyer, then register your Census Night and find additional information at