Expanded Bilingual and ESL Professional Development Courses are Now Available

In response to the pandemic, the Illinois Resource Center (IRC) announces a list of online coursework for bilingual and ESL teachers as well as all educators who serve English Learners (ELs). Graduate credit earned by completion of these courses are part of the state bilingual/ESL endorsement sequence and may be applied towards advanced degrees from National Louis University.

The remote learning environments planned by Illinois school districts present unique instructional challenges. But they also present teachers with an unusual opportunity to acquire new virtual learning skills in all content areas. The IRC’s course list responds equally to both technical and instructional methodologies as they apply to the expanding multicultural, multilingual student population. All courses fully comply with Illinois requirements for teachers of ELs and related state endorsements.

The Illinois Resource Center, working with Illinois teachers and administrators, pioneered bilingual and ESL standards and instructional methodologies for the state more than 45 years ago. In addition, the IRC course instructors are experienced, exceptionally competent and thoroughly grounded in all aspects of EL and linguistically and culturally diverse education. Our instructors are current and knowledgeable about English learner needs of both bilingual ESL educators as well as general education teachers. All are grounded by direct experience in school districts of all sizes, with all levels of resources, across the state.

Supporting the IRC’s teaching staff is a corps of exemplary educators who work to review every aspect of our course offerings so that the classes are fresh, vibrant and fully up to date. All courses can be accessed from any location remotely, and all are applicable to the bilingual/ESL requirements of all school districts throughout Illinois.

Please join us and the hundreds of teachers who are engaged in graduate coursework at the Illinois Resource Center. Interact and learn with teachers from other districts and backgrounds. It’s the very best that Illinois has to offer.

Earn your Bilingual or ESL Teacher Endorsement in 6 Courses

The Illinois Resource Center offers a sequence of graduate courses which can be applied toward fulfillment of the Illinois requirements for the bilingual and ESL teacher endorsement. Graduate credit for course work is provided by National Louis University.

Courses are offered fall, winter, spring and summer semesters. A 3 graduate credit hour course costs $635. For Fall courses, you must pay the entire $635 up front. For the Winter, Spring and Summer Courses, you may reserve a seat with a $75 deposit.

Just want to brush up your skills? Consider taking a course for continuing education credit only (audit a course) for $400.

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Foundations of ESL and Bilingual Education (National #CIL-500)

Focuses on: the political, social and educational issues that contributed to the formulation of local, state, and federal policy regarding appropriate public school services for language minority populations; specific instructional models and their theoretical and empirical bases; current research on program effectiveness and pupil achievement.

“I have been fortunate to have worked with IRC for over 10 years! I started by taking my ESL/Bilingual endorsement courses and attending critical professional development sessions to support my Dual Language teaching career. Now, as the Director of Multilingual Programs for District 59, I have been able to gain a more global perspective on how IRC positively impacts school districts and the field of education as a whole.”

Griselda Pirtle, Director of Multilingual Programs, Community Consolidated School District 59