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Register for the Bilingual Parents Summit

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Fifteenth Annual Statewide Summit for Bilingual Parents, Saturday, May 15, 2021, 10 am – 1 pm.  Cost: Free.

About the event:

The Annual Statewide Summit for Bilingual Parents provides a rich mix of information about issues of critical importance to parents from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds. Top speakers are joined by experts and panels on such topics as pathways to academic success, enhanced parental participation in schools, immigration issues, U.S. citizenship, bilingual education programs, community college services, effective parenting techniques, health care alternatives, and much more.

FAQs and More Information:

Fifteenth Annual Statewide VIRTUAL Summit for Bilingual Parents
Sponsored by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Multilingual Department in conjunction with the Illinois Resource Center.  This event is intended for Illinois educators and parents only.

Access to the event
Before May 15, you will receive via email a link to the event webpage.  This webpage will contain the links to the live Zoom sessions scheduled between 9:30am and 1pm Saturday, May 15.

Schedule of the day:

Opening General Session – 10:00 am (45 mins)

Opening Remarks: Joanne Clyde, ISBE Multilingual

Welcome: Darren Reisberg, ISBE Board President

Keynote:  Habeeb Quadri, MCC Academy, Superintendent

Concurrent Session I – 11:00 am (45 min)

Live session 1: Cómo Realizar Una Reunión Efectiva, Hilda Calderon-Peña, Maria M. Cuellar, Ruth I Pena, Chicago Public Schools

Live session 2: Proveyendo Apoyo Emocional a Niños Afectados por el Trauma, Bianca Vargas-Ocasio, Lurie Children’s Hospital

Live session 3: Abogando por su hijo/a en la escuela, Erika Mendez, Rebecca Vonderlack-Navarro, Rosario Hernandez, Latino Policy Forum

Live session 4: Saber es Poder: Líderes en Casa, Escuela y Comunidad, Susana Das Neves, Alejandro Martinez, Martha Jimenez, Northern IL University

Live session 5: How to Successfully Navigate the Financial Aid Process, Abel Montoya, Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC)

Live Session 6: Powerful Parenting: How You Can Build Your Child’s Brain, Pat Chamberlain, Consultant, Elgin  

Concurrent Session II – 12:00 pm (45 min)

Live session 1: La Teoria de Las Tres I’s: Inculcar, Influir e Impactar, Ferney Ramirez, Consultant, Bolingbrook

Live session 2: Elementos de Participación Efectiva de Familias, Sergio Hernandez, ISBE; Maria Colunga & Merced Alfaro, Round Lake SD; Sandra Lopez R Lake Library

Live session 3: Mamás y Papás al Rescate: Trabajo en Equipo, Susana Das Neves, Adriana Martinez, Rocio Vega, Northern IL University

Live session 4: Salud y Bienestar, Rosario Hernandez, Latino Policy Forum

Live session 5: Supporting Your Child’s Academic Achievement K-8, Cristina Sanchez-Lopez, Illinois Resource Center

Live session 6: Special Education: What Parents Need to Know, Michelle Phillips, Family Resource Center

Language interpretation
The sessions will be provided in English or in Spanish.   English sessions will have simultaneous interpretation through zoom audio channels available in Spanish, Arabic, Polish, and French.  Sessions in Spanish will have simultaneous interpretation into English, Arabic, Polish, and French.
IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING ACCESS TO INTERPRETATION: Interpretation channels on Zoom can be best accessed on a laptop or desktop computer.  Please note, however,  that access to interpretation channels will not be available if participants are listening to sessions via phone and/or on some devices.

This event is designed for Illinois school/district personnel who are affiliated with a Bilingual Parent Advisory Council.  A maximum of 20 parents from a district may register.  On the registration screen, enter the school/district representative’s contact information first, then enter the number of parents and other school/district personnel (guests).  Next is an option to fill in the guests’ information, or you can complete the representative registration and return later to add the additional guest information.  The school/district contact will receive an email with a link to ‘Modify Information’.

Important note:  You must provide an email address for your guests in order for them to receive the link to the Summit webpage so they can access the sessions.  If you do not have emails for participants, the school/district representative will be responsible for distributing the Summit webpage link to those participants.

If you are only registering yourself, just type ‘0’ in the Guest number box.

Can’t make it on May 15th?
All sessions of the Summit for Bilingual Parents will be recorded and available publicly on the Bilingual Parents Video Library YouTube channel after the event.

Contact the IRC at if you wish to cancel registration of your entire group (yourself and your parent guests).

The Illinois Resource Center (IRC) has long partnered with the Latino Policy Forum to advance an educational system in Illinois responsive to linguistic and cultural diversity.  IRC’s annual conference has served as a wonderful platform to discuss various issues influencing the education of English Learners in the state: bilingual funding, English Learner Accountability within the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), and implications of innovative findings on English Learner achievement from the University of Chicago.  The annual bilingual parent summit, facilitated by the IRC, has become a stage to reflect on issues related to the immigration climate, elevated state standards, and early childhood.  Along with its partners, IRC strives to find innovative solutions for Illinois ELs.

Sylvia Puente, Executive Director, Latino Policy Forum

Habeeb Quadri is an educator, author, and youth activist. He’s been in education for over 20 years as a teacher, principal and superintendent of MCC Academy. In August of 2019 Habeeb was awarded the National Distinguished Principal award by the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) which was followed by both the Village of Morton Grove and Skokie each awarding him with a “Habeeb Quadri” day on October 28th and December 2nd. He is currently appointed at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education Principals’ Advisory Board where he is a part-time staff member in the Professional Development Program. Habeeb is also a chairman of the Illinois Coalition of Nonpublic Schools (ICNS), representing more than 2,000 private schools. In addition to teaching and administering in both public and private schools, Habeeb has delivered over 1,000 lectures throughout the United States and several countries abroad on leadership, education and youth. In 2006, Habeeb founded High Quality Educational Consulting, an education consulting company, from which he has conducted workshops for the U.S. Department of State, numerous local, national and international schools and universities in countries around the world including Kenya, Singapore, Pakistan, Canada, Qatar, and more. For all the work he has done in Muslim community, he was also awarded the Lifetime Educational Achievement Award by the Islamic Society of North America. He has also co-authored five books and written a dozen articles on youth, parenting and education.